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Simon Bros Roofing & Solar

A full service roofing and solar company


Simon Bros Roofing & Solar


7076 S Alton Way
Centennial Denver 80112


(303) 902-5338

Welcome to Simon Bros. where our century-old tradition of roofing, sheet-metal work, and air-conditioning installations pioneered by our Solar Division meets the future. Our journey from Carl Simon, the founder of Simon Bros., to the fourth-generation family leadership of Phil Simon, Steve Markel and Matt Simon represents a blend of innovation and tradition.

Understanding that roofing and construction can be messy, we at Simon Bros. make it our mission to streamline the process for our clients. Our experienced project managers, office staff, and skilled subcontractors work seamlessly to ensure your project is smooth, stress-free, and tidy. From securing permits to managing insurance claims and overseeing installations, we pride ourselves on minimizing disruption and maximizing satisfaction.

Join us in building not just homes, but a sustainable future. You're not only hiring a service with Simon Bros.; you are also becoming a part of a legacy which values quality, community and the environment. Let's build something lasting together. Welcome to the family.


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